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. >> luminess air is the easiest, best, most natural-looking makeup i have ever used. they've made iso sple and so easy that you really can -- anybody can do it. i have a my face -- melasma. it's really hard to cover it up. they're incredibly dark. they're all along the sides of my face. i srtedsing luminess, i'd just given up. there wasn't anything that was gonna cover it, anyway, so i just stopped using anything. i'm ecstatic about luminess. i'm ecstatic about how easy it is, how fast and convenient and how much it covers. people have been complimentingcs something that never used to happen. luminess air is amazing. >> announcer: luminess air is the world's first airbrush makeup system designed for everyday use by anyone. the airbrush works by adding tion to the stylus. then start the air source. air enters through the hose, and when you pull back on the button, the air and the foundation mix into an ultra-fine mist. it's so fine, it actually uses 10 times less makeup than liquids. that means 10 times less makeup on your skin. yet luminess air blends covers perfectly. it's the secret to t
started using makeup in middle school. it made me feel very insecure, it made me feel embarrassed, and it just didn't make me feel good. i've tried every product, i believe, that's out there, and nothing has really worked before. with rx for brown skin, i saw results within three weeks, and it was amazing. my skin is brighter, i feel beautiful, and i feel confident. the best compliment that i received on my skin was when i was at a mall, and a lady came by, and she wanted to know what foundation i was using. and i told her, "i don't have on foundation," and i told her about rx for brown skin. if i found something that works for me, i'm gonna use it and use it and use it, and i'm gonna tell everybody about it. >> i've been struggling with my skin my whole life. and to find something that i truly am really happy about, it, like -- it makes me a little emotional, you know? >> for a person who spent 10 years in the army, being girly is not really important, but i do feel really girly. i mean, at 43, i feel extremely girly. i think i feel more girly now than i did when i was 25. go fig
and it has taken years and years for us to gather their information and to produce these videos, but a couple of weeks ago i showed virginia croy's testimony and i tell you, it's a great testimony about how much god loved her and how he just pursued her and has brought her out of this pit of legalism into the grace and the goodness of god, and her good friend, caroline yeager, they had been separated for, i think it was around 7 years because when virginia left the church that they were in, and they, of their own evaluation, called this a "cultish" type of church... when they left that, you had to break off all communication with any person who left this cult, and so caroline was married to the pastor's son and to remain in the church she could not have any communion, any fellowship with virginia, even though they had been good friends, and just a week or so before virginia was coming to my camp meeting in charlotte, north carolina, caroline had been receiving some of my teaching through a brother and had been listening and beginning to get set free. she had gotten born again and she went aga
. these the same fellas who were in the car with us? same ones. doug: ok, where was i? anyway, her robe's open, right, and now she's got my pen. she won't give me the pen, so i'm lookin' at her, like, "look, lady, if you don't sign for the package, i'll going to have to call my supervisor, right?" you gonna call o'boyle. he would have been there in 5 minutes with his pants down. o'boyle? who's o'boyle? he's our boss at work. so, anyway, her robe's open, completely open, she's got the pen-- an irishman? who? o'boyle. is he an irishman? yeah, i guess so. so--so what? it doesn't matter. arthur: i fought in the battle of the bulge with an irishman. his name was o'shannon. saw him get his nose shot right off his face. choked to death on his own blood, screaming for his mother. oh, but we saved your precious europe. i think your pool table's open. is it? yeah. this one's for o'shannon! uh, sorry about him... nah, it's fine. don't worry about it. yeah, it's not like he lives in your house or anything... oops. funny. it ain't funny, right? shut up. i got, like, a 2-minute window here i can tell you th
are we gonna do? marc and abby gave us 75%, but if that falls through and we say no to deac and kelly, then we got nothing. all right, so what do we do? we gotta hold deacon and kelly until we know. tell 'em we're 75% sure we can do it. carrie, the shmenkmans gave us 75%. we only have 25% to give. well, we're not gonna hold deac and kelly with 25%. cheat it. bump it up to 50. kel? yeah. sorry about that. i...saw a bird. uh, anyway, about saturday night, um, we're 35% sure we can make it. hmm? ok. would it help if i said 40? ok, then we'll do it some other time, then. would you please give them 50? huh? oh. ok, hold on a second. how about sunday brunch? oh, yeah, there you go. we'll do it here. yeah, that sounds great, and we'll do it over here. hmm? oh, yeah, no. no, bring 'em along. that's fine. yeah, ok, mm-hmm. ok, bye. they're bringing the kids. what was i gonna say? hang on to your hats, people. i got news. i was over at that newsstand that has papers from all around the country, and i grabbed myself an akron beacon. take a gander at this. what am i supposed to be reacting to?
that any of us are acceptable to god is because we have put faith in jesus and we have received right standing with god through faith in jesus, not through yourself. now, there are other reasons for you to go to church and pay your tithes and live holy and do these things, but it's not so that you can earn relationship with god. it softens your heart towards god when you live holy. when you keep your mind stayed upon him... isaiah 26:3 says, he will keep you in perfect peace when your mind is stayed upon him. it doesn't make god have more love and peace towards you, but it'll make you have more peace because you're thinking about the goodness of god and all that he's done for you. it also closes a door on the devil. i dealt with that in romans, chapter 6, and showed in verse 16, "know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?" if you go out and yield yourself to sin, god is still going to love you. he loves you because you put faith in a savior and you have relationship
's called total transformation, and this is a program that parents can use right in their own homes. am i right about that, james? >> yes, matthew. it's a step-by-step program, where i show parents how to get their kids to be accountable for their behavior. matthew, from day one, the total transformation program shows you how to explain to the child, in no uncertain terms, this is how you're gonna talk to me, this is how i'm gonna talk to you, this is how we're gonna treat each other, and that's all there's gonna be to it. the arguments stop. >> matthew: wow. >> the debates stop. we just stop that. i'll show you how to stop it. it's the simplest thing in the world. in the total transformation program, i show you exactly what to do when your kid acts up. i show you exactly what to say. you can sit in your kitchen, and you can listen to this program and learn all you need to know to get your family back on the right track. look, i was a kid with a lot of behavior problems in new york city, and my parents didn't know what to do with me. i developed a program that my parents could've followed
or reverence your husband the way that the church reverences christ. none of us do those things perfectly. so we all fail. when you say, you're making jesus lord it doesn't mean that you're saying god, i'll... i'll never be wrong again. i'm going to serve you and obey everything you say. but you have to be willing to do that. you have to be desiring to follow him and to trust in him completely and quit trusting in yourself. so you have to be willing to make him lord and you have to believe in your heart that god has raised him from the dead. you know, i was over in ireland one time, or excuse me. this was in wales. it was on a trip where i went to ireland. but actually we were in wales, in betws-y-coed, wales and we had a group of people with us and we were... don francisco was singing with his guitar and drawing a crowd and then we had people that were on this tour that were going through the crowd and talking to people about their relationship with the lord and trying to get them to commit their lives to the lord and i just happened to be standing there and i heard one of the
did you learn at my live events? >> that was one of the best parts of the event, because you taught us how to find resources that i never would've thought of otherwise, so it really helped us find the money we needed to do the number of houses that we would like to do. >> how about the marketplace? how do you feel about the economy and the real estate marketplace today? >> i don't think there's a better time in history to buy property. right now is when i'm trying to buy as many as we can,s are out there, and i don't see how you can lose. by following the road map that you put out there for us, like g.p.s., if you will, i don't see how you could fail. >> see, go out, take action, call the phone number at the bottom of your screen right now. come to the live event. it will be powerful, you will be our next testimonial, you'll be the next person. in six weeks, this man has done where he can profit up to $400,000... and he's already profited $133,000. call the phone number right now. seating is limited, i will take you by the hand, i will show you how to do it. we will give you the road m
...[whistles] ray! we'll have to discuss this. discuss. here we go. hey, maybe you better take us off the meter. take your time. look, it doesn't have to be a relative. no? no. i mean, the character of the couple is what's important. what are their values? are they loving, are they patient, are they honest? if we find people like that, we should give them the children right now. you know what? we don't have to complete this now. once you two get this ironed out, you can just c ok. we'll probably call you tomorrow.d out, unless we die before then, in which case, you get 'em. hope you got a sofa bed. i think he likes me. yeah. ut this, though. we gotta think about this. who are we gonna get? well, i don't know. i hate eve yeah, see? me, too. wait. what about bernie and linda? they just had a baby. yeah, exactly. so why would they want more? look, they'll be experienced parents, and we love them. yeah, i guess. they're good. and bernie always has candy in his pocket. ly be the ones. all right, ok, so we're settled? yeah. so it's bernie and linda, we have a will, and you're still alive. hey! guess
jesus did for us is how we have peace with god. the only way that you can have peace is to have a savior. that it's his goodness that makes you accepted with god. if the burden is on your back... if you have to earn salvation, there is no peace, because even if you did good yesterday and do good today, tomorrow is a brand new day and you could blow the whole thing and there is no way for you to relax and just rest. the only way that you can rest and have peace with god is when you have a savior. so these are people who were zealous for god but they were going about to earn god's blessing through submitting to their own righteousness. that's what it says in verse 3, they being ignorant of god's righteousness, that comes by a gift and going about to establish their own righteousness, which comes through their performance have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of god. you cannot be submitted to faith righteousness and law righteousness at the same time. you cannot be trying to accept part of it by grace and part of it by law, and then look at this in verse 4... this is such a
, unlocking all that hidden nutrition so you body can actually absorb it and use it. i've got a strainer here. we're gonna pour our blended smoothie through and see what is left over. what's gonna make it through? we've got unbroken flax seeds, lots of fiber. here, let me show you this. this, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a smoothie. now let's see what happened with the nutribullet. i take off the extractor blades, looks like we've got quite a beverage in here. let's bring it out and pour it through the strainer. it's completely liquefied. all that nutrition has been turned inside out. everything has been completely broken down. and when we pour it, we can see just how glowing it is, beautiful. the real test is always the flavor. let's give it a try. that, ladies and gentlemen, is what i call a nutriblast. we've taken all of those cells, pulverized, flipped them inside out, got all of that juice, all the nutrients, the vitamins, the minerals, the enzymes, the essential fatty acids, the protein, and now we can actually assimilate and utilize those nutrients. we've turned this into a su
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! atlantic city! ha ha! city of the atlantic! ¡ciudad atlanticano! hey, let me use your phone so i can tell kelly. whoa, whoa! what are you gonna say? that we're going to atlantic city. you can't say that. she'll tell carrie. they talk all the time. so i have to lie to my wife just because you lied to yours? it's pronounced "burmhaven." all righty... let's beat the living crap out of this place. here we go. whoa! hold up. hold on a second. listen, i just cashed a check, and i don't wanna lose more than $200. hold the rest of my money. sure. you know how i am, so even if i beg, don't give it to me. ok. i mean it, deke. i might get ugly. i could mention your mother. don't take the bait. don't mention my mother. fair enough. let's gamble. oh, yeah. that's our table. granny gon' be sweet. hey, how's everybody doing? oh, just fine. all right. hey there, mary from cedar rapids. i'm doug from... wanna-win-a-lotta-money. oh. good luck, everyone. bets up. he looks nice. [orchestra tuning] oh...hi. hello. you're mr. berenson, one of the partners, right? yes. uh-- i didn't know anybody else from the f
and say that they have come from us and say that unless you be circumcised, unless you keep the feast days, unless in other words, you become a jew and convert to judaism, you cannot be saved, and they said, that is not so. we have examined it and we believe that faith in jesus alone is sufficient for your salvation, and so this was a major deal, even to the people who were the disciples of jesus and walked with him for three and a half years. the apostle peter spoke about this over in 2 peter, chapter 3, and he said, our beloved brother paul writes in his epistles of some of these things that are hard to be understood, which those that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do other scriptures. peter called paul's writings, scripture, and admitted that paul was preaching the gospel and yielded to him on this point. you can also see in the 11th chapter... the 10th and the 11th chapter of the book of acts, that peter was, of course, raised as a jew, and he w...he had to keep all of the rituals about the animals that were clean and unclean, the ones that you could eat and couldn't eat, an
a look at this. what happens when a dentist develops severe tendonitis? i used to tuck my elbow in like this when i was taking out teeth. it was a horrible situation for a dentist. when a gardener's arthritic knees become unbearable. usually after a day of gardening i'm really limping badly. four years of wear and tear finally catch up with a tennis pro. i've had 6 knee operations. had one on my left elbow. i tore my rotator cuff. they all faced the prospect of giving up what they love. i was worried that i was gonna have to change my profession. then i met tommie. he told me about his product and asked me if i would like to just put one on. the pain has started to alleviate. actually that night i went home and threw the football with my son and i hadn't done that to that point at all that year. the pain has started to alleviate. actually that night i went home and threw the football with my son and i hadn't done that to that point at all that year. i dropped a rock on my hand, really bruised up badly. and i used a tommie copper glove for a few days and the bruise went completely. it's
's good for us, but after a hard day at work, i still to this day-- and i've been eating well for years-- think i can't wait to get home and have some raw broccoli. listen, it's just never going to happen. i'm a realist, right? so the chances-- we need this stuff, but i don't know about you, but i'm not going to eat it-- would you eat it? >> there's no way i could eat all that, so how do we get it into our body?l, a simple philoy i've had for years: if you can't juicing is without questionthe d nutrition contained within all fruits and vegetables. but i'll tell you now, i'll tela nail in your juicing coffin faster than if you get the wrong machine. i've now searched the world for a machine that's affordable, easy t use, plus it needs to be able to extract a load of juice while maintaining quality nutrition. and i'm pleased to say i'm unveiling it today. i found it here. >> i think you've got it. >> it is my fusion juicer, my low-induction mot i'll tell you why that's important in a minute. and i'll tell you exactly what this baby can do in a second. but i wa the basics. look, you see al
! would you look at this? oh...use a fork! god. hmm? oop. [exasperated sigh] was...was there somethin' wrong with the other can opener? there's nothing wrong with this can opener. [chuckling] no, nothing's wrong, honey. i mean, i would've preferred the tuna on bread, but, you know, it's... it's just as delicious right out of the sink. ha ha ha ha! this is thok, ray? because it's better. it's not stupid, [clunk] and what'd i say? and i'm not exaggerating. it's just that sometimes he's such a jerk! given. details? last night. ok? the kids are a mess. i'm tryin' to hold everything together. you're the glue, debra. everyone knows that. anyway, yoknow, he comes home... i'm gonna run away. no! don't run away. mommy would miss you so myes, she would. ohh. come on. sit, sit, sit. let's eat. hey, daddy's home. hi, ray. yeah. hi, daddy. [flatly] how was your day? oh, gosh. well, actually, it was-- great. what's for dinner? i haven't had time. if you could just wait. [grouchily] fine. make my own dinner. again. fish. son of a--well, where's the can opener? uh, it's in the drawer. what? the c
that you see is wrong. all. what, already? you've found something already? do i have to use this highlighter? why? why? what's wrong? this is really throwing off fumes. i'm getting high here. what do you want? how about that red pencil? i'm using it. i'm using the red pencil. ok. listen, you're the boss. all right. here, here. take it. take the pencil. thank you. "...sandy koufax, nolan ryan, to name a few. while these men..." what are you doing? yeah, it's nothing. it's good. whatever. but, gerard, if there's something wrong, you gotta tell me. no, it's just... i don't know. doesn't "whore" have a w? what are you talking about? you called some guy a whore in here, and i-- wait--wait--wait a minute! wait a minute. i don't call a guy a whore in my book. yes, you do. "lou gehrig was the iron hore." h-o-r-e. horse! see, i forgot the s. he was the iron horse. oh. that doesn't make sense either. but that's good. that's a typo. that's a typo. thanks. yeah, but you would have found it eventually. yeah, but--but you found it. or someone else would have. gerard, you did it. i--i migh
'd kill for a nickname like that, you know what they used to call me? "the fat kid." not a very clever junior high, was it? yeah, me, glasses and pees-himself spent a lot of lonely lunches together. [chuckling] i can top that, here's me in the 7th grade. 250 lbs., wearing parachute pants and a triple xl neil diamond jacket. you-- you like... neil diamond? yeah, so? i love him, i was on the phone all morning trying to get tickets to his concert next week. sold out! [chuckles] i happen to have 2 tickets, and, uh, i found out my girlfriend has to work. oh yeah? i'm just saying, you know. yeah, but-- we couldn't, you know? because, i mean i'm-- and you're a-- you-- you know-- yeah, you're right, you're right. where are the seats? row c. i'm in. good. hey, here comes one of your trucks. oh my god, that's deacon! what are you doing? he can't see us together, it doesn't look good. well, this doesn't look great. hey. hey. you're home late. oh, well, so i'm a little late, what, is it a crime? heh. no. i gotta tell ya, i had a great time mentoring that girl today. i mean, you know when you meet
. >> warning, you're about to batch nicky mythen go on an epic rapper ic rant with a named ransom she used to be friends with. so buckle up. it's about to get crazy. >>som saying he wrote some of your songs? >> what the [bleep] is he crazy? i'm better then him. i'm not even a man and in their mouth. >> and away we go. yep, that's nicki obliterating this guy, ransom, outside a club in l.a. after we asked about a big story on the mega huge rap website all hip >> all hip-hop is saying ransom is nicky and they're saying he doesn't write his own likes and she's the go-to writer. >> a clarification, a rapper saying roached lyrics is a worse insult you can give. it's a sucker m. >> now i get it, sucking m.c. is bad. >> oh, whi peoe. anyway, here's the ransom song. >> before nicki was wearing crazy bigs i was doing versus for her just hoping she madebig♪ >> did you hear that? he said he was doing versus for her and -- >> that could mean he was singing on a song though. >> exactly! either way, our photog asked about it and nicki no likey. >> i don't need no [bleep] writer. you ask him wh
that will be the facilitator and one that is the internal operator to produce in us a likeness to the process of sankation. are you with me? i want to you understand that full people like steven are called to a fellowship to the suffering. it means again, so you can write it down, to participate in life experience, did you get that, to be treated in the same way and thirdly to be joined in partnership. what does that mean for steven? it meant that he was rejected. it meant that he was challenged it meant that he was hated. and guess what? the ultimate price was it meant that he was killed. you must understand when you are on your best jesus behavior, the world you live in, the secular system you live in will not applaud you. in fact, if you talk too much, it gets save or hate you. when you talk to talk that people talk, they either get saved or they will hate you. many times that's what separates faithful people from people that were not so faithful. so steven ministry his service, listen to this, his message was in nature with christ. his ministry his message and service was in nature with christ. faith
guys and 19 for us. uh, 25 wins, so next round's for the money. whoa, whoa, whoa. where are we? let's just say you're well in third. yeah. well, that's ok. this is where we make our move. that's right, sweetie. all right. you ready there, rich? flip it. clock's tickin'. how about a clue, rich? say something. time! it was turtle. so why didn't you give me a clue? i thought of a good one, but it had the word turtle in it. all right. good strategy. well, folks, this could be it. for the win. bring it. you ready? yeah. go. a famous ruin in italy. tower of pisa. nassau... the colosseum! yeah. peppermint... peppermint, peppermint twist! peppermint schnapps! deacon: yes. the colorado... river! no. colorado... time! was it rockies? yeah, but, man, i thought we had more time than that. yeah. it goes fast, doesn't it? ok. honey, come on. our turn! our turn! hey, it turned out to be a fun night after all, huh? yes. fun night. yep. yeah. especially 'cause it looked like we were gonna lose, and then, boom! turned itself right around, out of nowhere. yeah. by the way, i promised kelly a rematch a
, atlantic city, the 4 of us. ohhhh! oh. ok, well, this was great. yeah. yeah, it was a lotto fun. we have to do it again real soon. we'll call ya. real soon, soon. yeah, definitely. all right, take care now. she really cheats on him? hey! atlantic city, right? yeah! no stoppin' me. all right. all right, man, ok. you're kiddin' me? she ch-- ohh! gotta stop doin' that. forgot my keys. oh, ok. forgot the keys. all right. all right. bye. ohh! ohh! so how do you know? a friend of mine works with one of the guys she sleeps with. one of them? oh, god. things are getting worse. i'm sorry, but it's absolutely true. i can't believe this. i mean, from watching her tonight, you'd never know she was fooling around. hon, she's not gonna do it in our living room. she's crafty. so why did you just spring this on me tonight? why didn't you tell me when you first found out? because i didn't think you wanted to know. i don't wanna know! why'd you have to tell me at all? wait a minute. are you mad at me for telling you or not telling you? yes. both. well, then i apologize. i was wrong to tell you, wrong not
gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the power of the "name your price" tool. only from progressive. creates the perfect smoky eye l'oreal voluminous smoldering liner super intense pigments smoldering it doesn't get more smokin' than this! bewitching voluminous smoldering liner from l'oreal paris hey, what's going on? guess who won himself $9.00 in poker tonight. if you guessed doug heffernan, you might just be right. what's the matter? what's your, uh, what's your dad doing here, anyway? and why does he smell like hickory smoked bacon? well, dad decided to cook his dinner on a 42-year-old hot plate, and he burned his house down. he what? but--but there's a whole big kitchen in there. what the hell's he cooking on a hot plate for? apparently it was his lucky hot plate. it is lucky. it's the only thing that survived the fire. sara: well.
is that he didn't make kris humphries judas. he made kendall jenner jewish. >> one of us amongst us has already betrayed me in night. >> who, who, who can it be? >> judas! want a beverage! >> i don't they he knew. >> he knew what he was doing. >> why do you suppose kendall's judas? >> she will steal it from kim. >> interesting, rather byzantine move from scott disick. >> he didn't make it? >> no, he didn't make it. >> she did everything. >> why are you ruining this? >> i'm just saying i don't believe scott disick knows how to instagram. >> i had so much fun sunday. i researched it and went wait that's judith and kendall. i was so excited about it. >> that's what you did a whole sunday for you?s0 >> sounds like a party! thanks thanks, scott and kendall and thank you, kris! >> i like painting! >> ok. >> hey, miss winfrey clm >> oprah on the vegan food. >> may i say -- have you been to this restaurant? >> not yet. we're going to come. >> this is the best, best vegan food you ever had in your life. >> is this the place on melrose? >> down around crossroads. >> i have never been there but i
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's all right. we'll just chill out here then, you know? the two of us. [whispering] yeah. oh, i am spraying way too much whip cream on this thing. yeah, crazy how much whip cream's on here, huh? you want to watch this? i don't care. oh! how about this? ants, huh? they got a whole world goin' on... just below the surface. well, thanks. ok, yeah, this was great. this was terrific, man. i'll see you next week. heh he yee-ha! ok, one week down, 51 to go. hey. hey. so, how'd it go with your little brother? did you hit it off? did you--did you bond? uh, yeah, about that-- i want to run somethin' by you. and keep an open mind. what? i'm not sure, but i'm-- leanin' towards dumping my little brother. what are you talking about? i think i got a bad one. i did, i got a bad kid. "bad"? bad, how? what, did he pull a knife on you? a knife would have been great. i would have loved a knife. at least it would have ended the afternoon early. i'm tellin' you, i got nothin' from this kid. nothin'. well, even so, you can't just bail. i mean, this is not like the time when you ordered that ab-roller thi
the men, the boys, you know? no pesky women draggin' us down. i don't know where you're going with this, douglas but you're making me very uncomfortab. we're eating lunch, ok? hey, you like the buffet here, right? actually, i do. they got hot wings here that'll singe your short hairs right off. a little less hungry now, but ok. the meatballs are also marvelous. oh! and the brownies. wo outta this world! are you gentlemen ready to order? uh, yeah, yeah. i'm gonna go with the buffet. nothing for me, thanks. i thought you wanted the buffet. oh, i do. and i'll be having it. why are you winking at me? you just fall off the turnip truck? i'll tell you what i wanna eat. you slip it to me off your plate, and we walk outta here 6.99 richer. oh, boy. arthur, just let me pay for you. that's crazy! you're about to invest in a very expensive aquarium! it's ok, all right? i can take the hint. where's the waiter? douglas, i will not sit here and watch you spend like a madman just to impress me! see you at home. fine, fine, fine. look, we can share off my plate, all right? that's my boy. [sighs] all ri
. back up. beyonce got a new hair cut baby, hair cut, hair cut! let's us take a look at that! jesus. >> beyonce went and chopped off all of her hair. >> no way! much!ate it. >> steady. we're going to get through this. >> it looks very rihannaish. >> hey, dude -- >> don't >> rihanna may be the hottest looking person around. >> i like it on rihanna but i like long hair on beyonce. >> what if it was a wig before/ >> she probably wears a lot of extensions and wigs and all of that stuff. >> but that was before the tragic caught in the act incident of july 2013. ♪ a terrifying ordeal that may have led to this much safer hair style. >> she has the best short hair of anyoned short hairshef arc. >> joan of arc? >> you don't know your history? she also traveled through time at aerobics. but back to beyonce. >> she's a beautiful woman. she really can't mess herself up. >> beyonce can't do anything wrong. >> gold member. that was pretty wrong. you see that one? anyway, beyonce, we love the new hair! >> i hate it. i hate it! i hate it so much! >> ok. beyonce's haircut, ya. >> paul. >> we have
never told you this, but when you were the twins' age-- you remember a nursery school used to be on jay street with the pretty yellow flowers out front? well, you and i would walk there and back together every morning. you were so cute holding my hand. so when it came time for you to go to kindergarten, which was crosstown with a bus, i decided it would be nice for everybody if you stayed in preschool one more year. you left me back? left back for love. that, and you were slow. i remember you couldn't even cut paper. hee hee! frank! wait. what? what was wrong with me? nothing, sweetie. you were just a little young, too. so you stayed there one more year, and we got to walk by the yellow flowers some more. th-that's why i was always the oldest in my class. yellow flowers! you knew? no. yes, you-- of course you did! that's what was so interesting. ok, i knew. well, why didn't you tell me? i don't know. you tell your brother this! i couldn't! why? because. because why?! because i felt sorry for you! you...felt sorry for me? you felt sorry for me?! ray, it was just pre-- gaaah! i was just--
, so call and order now. >> i used to be the girl who would stand in the corner. i did not think i looked pretty. i just had very low self-esteem. i was at a point of depression, i thought i wasn't gonna get out of it. since starting zumba fitness, i've lost a total of 88 pounds, i went from a size 18 to a size 6, i saw my stomach shrink, i saw my thighs shrink, everything fits better, i can buy cute clothes. it's changed my life. if you just give zumba fitness a try, i promise you, it will be so worth it. [♪...] >> zumba fitness has been changing lives for over a decade. and with thousands of zumba fitness fans gathered in one place, there's no shortage of stories. check out this inspirational story we discovered at a photoshoot for zumba's very own z-life magazine. >> as a mother of four, since discovering zumba fitness, my body has completely changed. i have lost now 17 pounds, my muscles have gotten very toned. i have more energy than ever. the best part about it is you don't feel like you're exercising, which makes you want to continue to do it because it's so much fun. you
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a rocking body. >> i have been trying to lose weight for nine years. i've used, i think, every possible workout video on the market, and i just got no results. i was miserable because i'd walk into a room, and i would feel like i knew i was the fattest girl there, and i hated being the big girl. with rockin' body, i've lost 41 pounds and 42 inches. i went from a 14 to a 6, and i haven't been a 6 in 10 years. i lost 41 pounds dancing! the fat melted off over my whole body, literally. and this is the happiest i have been as far back as i can remember in my life. this has been a life-changing experience, all thanks to rockin' body. >> announcer: with rockin' body, you're not just having fun dancing, you're getting a full-body workout at the same time. the secret is shaun's easy-to-follow dance progressions. every move is designed to tone and tighten your abs, shrink and shape your hips and thighs, and lift and firm your booty -- all while you're just dancing. and nothing makes you want to get up and dance more than great music, and that's what rockin' body is all about. >> for my rockin' b
middle finger. they say not your feet, your middle fin it's so big. i can use it as a belt. it's so long. huge! >> it's funny. said rumors him and patrick ewing had compression shorts with a separate top for their dongs. >> rumors around that say that. >> they're short. fall out. >> all of a sudden you have mushroom head around the asketball court. >> blocking the shots. everybody girl is like no, no, no! >> oh, my god. thanks. >> welcome to "tmz" switzerland. where today our entire country begs oprah for fingerness! dear oprah, we're so sorry one of our people racist to you in the purse will give you anythin make it up to you. knives, chee roger federer? he's cute! >> switzerland is in serious damage control this morning. >> yes, swiss have issued official apology after a store clerk in zurich resed to show oprah a $40,000 purse because she's black. >> she says, i want to see it and the lady says, i don't want to hurt your feelings. like, in other words, you can't afford it. >> big mistake. big, huge. >> oprah says the best line. she says oh, ok, thank you so much. you're probably right
products. this is an important message. we see it all around us. two-thirds of our population is overweight. it's time as a nation to wake up and realize how fat and unhealthy we're really becoming. over the past 30 years, our fast food lifestyles have helped to create this health crisis, with an increase in heart disease, high blood pr, and it's starting at an early age. it's becoming a worldwide epidemic. but there is a solution-- natural, nutrient-rich whole foods and an easy way to help rejuvenate, restore and cleanse your body with potentially life-changing nutrients that can be the secret to incredibl health transformations and even weight loss. introducing the all-new fusion juicer, the rapid nutrition miracle. the fast way to feed your body the vital nutrients it needs. the fusion juicer's low-induction motor quickly breaks food down into a supernue absorbed easier. providing your body with high-nutrient juice is a great way to start rebuilding the cells in your body. >> many people are realizing that you can't buy health from . and there's a huge segment of the population now that'
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